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Newspapers pimp like biker gangs

December 12, 2006 on 8:03 pm | In Social & Political Issues | 3 Comments

It is disillusioning how cruel and degrading some seemingly ethical media corporations will be to snag a buck. Like outlaw biker gangs, they will even stoop—for money—to enable slavery, torture and child prostitution.

Turn to the back pages of Now, or Toronto Star’s sister publication Eye, or Quebecor’s Toronto Sun, or some of the gay publications and you will see what whoremongers these unabashed corporations truly are. Their pages are rife with ads selling intimate sexual acts with girls and boys, women and men. These corporations are pimps by definition.

A pimp is someone who finds customers for prostitutes and is paid from revenue created by the human beings performing paid sex acts. Often a pimp is an enslaver of the prostitutes, using torture and death threats to extort compliance. Few human endeavours are as despicable. But colour ads in the back pages are very profitable and paid for up front with cash or credit cards.

Do the publications investigate each ad placement to ensure that a creep who captures runaway children and forces them into prostitution isn’t behind it?

Are the common ads offering paid sex with Russian, Latino, Asian or some other ethnicity enabling modern slavers to trick people in poor countries to come to Canada with broken promises of decent work, only to be compelled to prostitute themselves?

We know about these modern-day atrocities in our comparatively wealthy society from reading some of the very newspapers’ editorial content that is so insulated from the evils committed by their publishers for money. We read about youngsters who’ve run away from home being captured by pimps who enslave and degrade them.

Who do these corporations think are buying the expensive and lurid ads touting extreme eagerness to perform on anyone with the cash the degrading “services” advertised in their publications? It’s certainly not the kids who are being prostituted. It’s not the enslaved people tricked into coming to Canada. It’s their pimps—fellow travelers with the publishers who run their ads and the shareholders who control their corporations.

The abolition of human slavery, led by the British for moral as well as economic reasons, and enforced by their dominant navy in the 1800s, is a heartening inheritance of spirituality and ethics that underpins Western democracy.

How pitiful that corporations are undermining that inheritance.

Frank Touby


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  1. Your path of thought is honourable albeit flawed in its brash allegations.

    To find Toronto publications accountable for supporting the sex trade of runaways and broken women is quite the accusation.

    Publications sell advertising.
    Advertising supports the paper.
    It is an unreasonable expectation to place upon the publications to ask them to research and to try to identify the missing children apparently lured into the sextrade.

    That is not their mandate, their mandate is to exist, to report and to survive. For the publications to research their advertisers to find unwilling sextrade workers would be to admit that they are advertising prostitutes.

    Which sir is illegal.
    Hands are tied from the need for revenue, and the necessity to look the other way.

    I am indifferent to the advertising of sextrade workers. They have existed since the dawn of time. But, obviously you are not. No doubt, right now you are engaged in an passionate search to reunite mother’s with their wayward daughters.

    If you are not, then I count you as a hypocrite and will disregard your meandering blog as nothing more than righteous spewings from an armchair activist.

    Comment by karmacake — January 11, 2007 #

  2. It is clear that “karmacake” is a buffoon.

    Comment by Administrator — March 30, 2007 #

  3. 100% accurate.
    Where is the community outrage?
    Boycott legit advertisers who advertise in the paper and it will stop.

    Comment by Joe Pepe NYC — January 16, 2009 #

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